::: 1955/56 Graphis Annual :::: /// collection of eric kass /// --- i discovered this mid-century Graphis The International Yearbook of Advertising Art, several years ago at a used book store --- it's filled with wonderful work from famous designers and artists including early commercial artwork ( pictured top right ) by andy warhol --- listed in the back of the book in a section titled "these artist will help you to solve your problems" is : Warhol, Andy 242 Lexington Avenue, New York City, N.Y. ( Tel. MU 3-0555 ) Illustrator --- original book sellers label from inside front cover pictured at bottom ---

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Secret Leaves said...

This kind of stuff blows my skirt up. My sister, who owns an antique mall, gave us two boxes full of letters and receipts from a salesman in the forties. Some of the letterheads are incredible. In fact, I think you have inspired me to do a blog post about them. Thanks for sharing.