::: listening list :::: /// collection of eric kass ///

love is hell : ryan adams
free jazz : ornette coleman
greetings from michigan : sufjan stevens
plays music : 33.3
in case we die : architecture in helsinki
transfiguration of vincent : m. ward
light green leaves : little wings
best bit ep : beth orton
the most important jazz album of 1964/65 : chet baker
moanin' : art blakey & the jazz messengers
( blue album ) : weezer
the blues and the abstract truth : oliver nelson
yankee hotel foxtrot : wilco
carryin' on with johnny cash & june carter
funny little frog : belle & sebastian
stylings of silver : horace silver
practice tape no. 1 : bill evans
where were we? : the lucksmiths
root down ep : beastie boys
it's hard to find a friend : pedro the lion
happy end of the world : pizzicato five
crystal : new order
abc music : stereo lab

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Yes- "Love is Hell" is one of my favorite albums ever...especially English girls with his extra twangy voice...